100 Computer Science Departments Leading the Way in US Education


With how fast the world of technology is evolving it makes sense that computer education should be at the forefront of degree options. Right now, as far as technology is concerned, the sky is the limit in the business industry. If you can dream it, there is some developer that can do it. As we all begin to rely more and more on technology the demand for developers has greatly increased. For young professionals looking to find a career field that is in demand, look no further… software development, web development, programming, engineering, all of these skills are the future of business and entrepreneurship. People need these skill sets more now then they ever have before.

We here at Portal Front love to follow current technologies and we also consider ourselves advocates of technological education. Thus we decided to make a list that ranks some of the leading computer science departments  in the nation. Many of these men and women that make up these computer science departments are some of the top minds in the world in computer technology today.

If you are looking to enter this field as a career option, we suggest following what these individuals and departments are working on and researching. These are by far the top Computer Science Departments in the U.S. If you are looking to become the best in the industry these are universities you should aspire to attend.

These rankings are based upon various sources of data including, USnews.com, SAT and ACT scores, acceptance rates, alumni giving and funding, faculty retention, average faculty salary, and student to professor ratio.  We have also incorporated media coverage of recent research and advancements made by each department in our ranking scores.


Computer Science Department Leaders Universities
1.  Benno Bernt Carnegie Mellon University
2.  Anantha Chandrakasan Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3.  Jennifer Widom Stanford University
4.  Shankar Sastry University of California–Berkeley
5.  Joseph Halpern Cornell University
6.  Rob A. Rutenbar University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
7.  Laura Effinger University of Washington
8.  Andrew W. Appel Princeton University
9.  Dr. Bruce Porter University of Texas–Austin
10. Annie Antón Georgia Institute of Technology
11. Mathieu Desbrun California Institute of Technology
12. Jeff Naughton University of Wisconsin–Madison
13. Marios C. Papaefthymiou University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
14. Jens Palsberg University of California–Los Angeles
15. Rajesh Gupta University of California–San Diego
16. Larry S. Davis University of Maryland–College Park
17. Julia Hirschberg Columbia University
18. Maxwell Dworkin Harvard University
19. Susan Davidson University of Pennsylvania
20. Roberto Tamassia Brown University
21. Sunil Prabhakar Purdue University–West Lafayette
22. Joe Warren Rice University
23. Lori Clarke University of Massachusetts–Amherst
24. Anselmo Lastra University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
25. Gaurav Sukhatme University of Southern California
26. Holly Rushmeier Yale University
27. Carlo Tomasi Duke University
28. Gregory D. Hager Johns Hopkins University
29. Michael L. Overton New York University
30. Xiaodong Zhang
Ohio State University
31. Henry C. Foley Pennsylvania State University–University Park
32. Michael L. Littman Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick
33. Jessica Utts University of California–Irvine
34. Kevin Skadron
University of Virginia
35. Alan V. Sahakian Northwestern University
36. Subhash Suri University of California–Santa Barbara
37. John Anton Goldsmith University of Chicago
38. Vipin Kumar University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
39. Prasant Mohapatra University of California–Davis
40. James H. Martin University of Colorado–Boulder
41. Gerhard X Ritter University of Florida
42. Al Davis University of Utah
43. Jeremy Buhler
Washington University in St. Louis
44. Thomas H. Cormen
Dartmouth College
45. Arie Kaufman Stony Brook University–SUNY
46. Barbara Ryder
Virginia Tech
47. Stan Sclaroff Boston University
48. Mladen Vouk North Carolina State University
49. James A. Hendler Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
50. Bjarne Stoustrup Texas A&M University–College Station
51. Saumya Debray University of Arizona
52. Henry Kautz University of Rochester
53. Yann-Hang Lee Arizona State University
54. Robert Schnabel Indiana University–Bloomington
55. Laxmi N. Bhuyan University of California–Riverside
56. Jim Whitehead University of California–Santa Cruz
57. Daniel Mosse University of Pittsburgh
58. Matt Mutka Michigan State University
59. Robert Sloan University of Illinois–Chicago
60. Daniel M. Fleetwood Vanderbilt University
61. Larry Finkelstein Northeastern University
62. Aidong Zhang University at Buffalo–SUNY
62. Michael Branicky Case Western Reserve University
63. Sanjeev Setia George Mason University
64. Carl K. Chang Iowa State University
65. Terri Fiez Oregon State University
66. Chilukuri Mohan Syracuse University
67. Alberto Segre University of Iowa
68. Kevin W. Bowyer University of Notre Dame
69. Eugene Luks University of Oregon
70. Kevin Tomsovic University of Tennessee–Knoxville
71. James Pustejovsky Brandeis University
72. Peter J. Denning Naval Postgraduate School
73. Keith W Ross Polytechnic Institute of New York University
74. Carla Brodely Tufts University
75. Reda Ammar University of Connecticut
76. Errol Lloyd University of Delaware
77. Gary Carter University of Maryland–Baltimore County
78. Amy Apon Clemson University
79. Virginia Torczon College of William and Mary
80. Darrell Whitley Colorado State University
81. Florian Lengyel CUNY Graduate School and University Center
82. Robert A. van Engelen Florida State University
83. Abdou Youssef George Washington University
84. Glenn Prescott University of Kansas
85. Steve Goddard University of Nebraska–Lincoln
86. George F. Luger University of New Mexico
87. Gopai Gupta University of Texas–Dallas
88. Behrooz A. Shirazi Washington State University
89. Kai Chang Auburn University
90. Parris Egbert Brigham Young University
91. James Geller New Jersey Institute of Technology
92. George Berg University at Albany–SUNY
93. Gary T. Leavens University of Central Florida
94. Heinz-Bernd Schüttler University of Georgia
95. Kenneth L Calvert University of Kentucky
96. Craig Wills Worcester Polytechnic Institute
98. Bruce Char Drexel University
99. Yi Pan Georgia State University
100. Gurdip Singh Kansas State University

  • http://www.ic.gatech.edu/ Annie Antón

    While it is an honor to be named, it it important to note that this is only my third month as Chair of the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, the following three former/current chairs of our schools share the responsibility for our computer science degrees and deserve the true credit for Georgia Tech’s current ranking: Aaron Bobick (former chair of the School of Interactive Computing), Richard Fujimoto (current chair of the School of Computational Science and Engineering), and Ellen Zegura (former chair of the School of Computer Science).

    Annie I. Antón, Professor in and Chair of the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech