Business Document Clutter Out of Hand?

Why Document Management Solutions Are Important for Your Business

Document management is something companies have to face more and more, no matter their profile and field of work. Files, documents, and other paper based items need to be stored, categorized and easy to access in order to ensure the smooth progress of an organization. Even professionals that work on their own such as doctors and lawyers need to have their files in order. Now documents are kept on virtual devices and no longer only on paper, due to technology advancements, but also to the growing needs of companies.

First step: storing the documents

A company needs to work with heaps of documents. Policies, licenses, product files, customer reports, memos, are all part of the written activity of a company. Having all these stored properly can be a daunting task, which is why document management is a must. SharePoint, a product developed by Microsoft, deals exactly with this necessity. It allows your employees to store all the documents in separate folders that are easy to browse and search.

Second step: categorization and tagging

When an organization deals with thousands of documents, searching for something in particular can become pretty much like the proverbial story of trying to find a needle in a haystack. SharePoint does not only allow easy storage of documents, but it also provides you with the right tools to categorize them and tag them.

Tags are very important for documents, because they contribute to finding them easier, when the need arises.

Step three: search capabilities

SharePoint offers search capabilities that make any employee’s job a lot easier. While it is great to have all the documents stored and tagged properly, it will be of no use to create such a huge network, without thinking about how just a small piece of it can be found when someone is looking for it.

Employees need to look for certain documents, policies, reports, and other items all the time. SharePoint allows the use of a veritable search engine within your document storage place. Through this functionality, SharePoint rises head and shoulders about other solutions, because ease of access is a must have for any document management tool.

Step four: securing information

It is good to have the information your company depends on well stored and easily accessible to all your employees. But any company has sensitive information that does not have to be revealed or accessed by just anybody. SharePoint comes equipped with the best security tools that allow you to implement levels of access for your company documents depending exactly on your needs.

Securing information also prevents possible attacks from the outside that may infiltrate through a virus or an infected e-mail, for instance. By knowing exactly who are the people that are supposed to access a certain document, it will much easier for you to identify the culprit, in case information leakage or a virus infection occurs.


SharePoint is considered, at the present moment, to be one of the best document management solutions. Also called content management, document management creates standards for business practices, and these standards are responsible for business productivity, security, and employee training, among many other things.

By choosing SharePoint, you are presented with a wide variety of tools that allow you to store all your company documents, tag them properly, and then make them available for easy use through search functionalities. The security of your documents is assured by implementing security levels, and you can always indentify the source of a problem, due to the safety features SharePoint comes equipped with.

All the above increase your business productivity and ensure more financial success on the long run.