Creating an Employee Intranet – Streamlining your Business

What Does Creating an Employee Intranet Mean for My Company?

An employee Intranet has to be a place employees like to visit, in order to find new information, collaborate on projects, and communicate with the rest of the organization. Setting up an employee Intranet involves a lot of responsibility, but it can bring an important boost in employee productivity, which is not a thing to take lightly. Here are some of the key factors that will contribute to the success of your business, when you decide to set up an employee Intranet.

Publishing documents

Many times, employees fail to comply with new company regulations because they are unaware of them or they learn too late about them. An employee Intranet allows you to publish new documents and update old ones, and make them available for all the members in your organization. With a CMS Intranet system, such as SharePoint, you will be able to operate all these changes easily, while establishing permission levels for each document.


Easy search functionalities

Employees need to be well informed, especially when several departments have to work on the same project. In order to establish a streamlined information process, you need search functionalities to be implemented so that information can easily be found throughout the Intranet. Contact details, blog posts, policies and so on can be searched this way, offering employees quick access to important information within a reasonable time frame.

Control over documents

In case you want certain documents to be available for access only for certain members in your organization, SharePoint allows you to establish levels of access. Also, you can set up an approval process for documents, so that the only ones published are those that are approved by top management or by the heads of certain departments.

Creating common tasks and teams

An employee Intranet also creates the best environment for collaborative work. By using SharePoint functionalities, you can create projects, invite members, and manage teams. This can be particularly useful in case you need to streamline the collaborative process in order to meet deadlines and increase employee productivity.

Promoting corporate culture

An employee Intranet can also be a very handy tool in promoting corporate culture and branding. Events pertaining to the organization that affect employees, as well, can be promoted through updates and live feeds through the Intranet. In this respect, creating a company blog, that employees get live feeds from all the time, can be very useful in branding and building company recognition, even inside the organization.

More independence for departments

Departments can often lag behind in performing their tasks because they need to expect approval from top management. However, with SharePoint, you can create folders, and even mini websites, where the departments can operate on their own, without having to wait for approval from upper management. By complying with guidelines and other standards, departments are given more independence, as well as the possibility to become more productive.

Access to company overview

Access to figures concerning the activity of your company can come in handy, as it will show you how different departments are doing. In the case of a longer and complex project that involves more departments, you will be able to catch the essentials at a glance. Making this data available to all the departments can also stimulate the competition between those involved, determining them to work faster and better towards meeting the goal of the project.

Enabling education and learning

When new policies and other updates appear, not all the employees have the means to grasp the changes in the same way. Using an Intranet system such as SharePoint allows you to educate your employees so that they do not lag behind because of lack of information and proper training.

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