Office Crashes when opening documents from SharePoint After Windows Update KB3055034

So Around October 13, 2015 Microsoft release an automatic security update that unfortunately started crashing Microsoft Word and other applications when you access files from SharePoint.

Here’s the summary of the purpose of the update:

“When a custom task pane is displayed in a document in Microsoft Word 2010, information isn’t updated in built-in task panes. For example, the formatting of selected text isn’t updated on the Reveal Formatting task pane.” –Microsoft

Note other related updates with those issues may be KB3093983, KB3097966


How to Fix

The only solution we found so far is to uninstall that specific update.

  1. Open Windows Updates
  2. Click on Installed Updates
  3. Find the KB3055034 Update, Right click –> Uninstall
  4. Maybe restart


But.. The Update Keeps on Reinstalling itself

After uninstalling the update, Windows will reinstall it automatically on the next update cycle. That’s not good because it means that MS Office will crash again. To permanently prevent Windows update from installing this bad update, we have to hide the update. We do that by:

  1. Go to the Windows Updates
  2. Click on the Important Update is available / or find the list where your update is.
  3. Right click on the update and click “Hide update”


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