Step Out of the Past – Remodeling Your Corporation With Intranet Technologies

Corporate Intranet solutions have been entering a new era; that of social media. The trend continues, with companies focusing on developing the best tools and strategies for communicating more efficiently with their employees. With corporate Intranet solutions, such as SharePoint, employees are becoming a pool of resources, from which companies only have to gain. Also, as employees are allowed to bring their own contributions into a Web 2.0 environment, human resource departments now have better means of identifying and recognizing the best sets of skills in each employee.

The new workplace

Corporate solutions for Intranet have a very specific goal: to create a workplace that is in synch with the times. Intranets are nothing else than online platforms that can be accessed from various locations. Employees can be kept up to date through mobile devices and Internet. They no longer have to be physically present at their workplace in order to be informed about various policy changes and new project goals. Also, Intranets allow employees to conduct their work faster and more efficiently, as they are no longer required to spend a lot of time searching for redundant information. The goals of the organization can be better streamlined, so that every employee knows what is expected of them at a certain point.

Choosing Sharepoint Solutions

The paperless organization

Besides streamlining the informational process, corporate Intranets help companies produce less paper and more results. As employees are readily informed about tasks, policies, news and so on, there is no need for communicating all the changes in writing. Intranets also provide for the perfect environment for developing self service tools, tools that can be used inside a department or by a team without the need to ask for further approval.

Information repository

Easy access to data is one of the benefits of corporate Intranet solutions. SharePoint, a very popular Intranet solution designed for corporations, offers the ability to create a hub or a repository for all important data in a company. Through various levels of access, you can allow your employees to consult all the important data about the organization, without having to ask permission. Each time they need to find out about something needed for their workflow or meeting their goals the information is easily accessible and at their finger tips.

Social collaboration

Intranet solutions for corporations stimulate social collaboration. Employees are stimulated to contribute to solving tasks and identifying the best solutions in an organic way. Social collaboration allows for easy dissemination of information between various departments, and a company blog can be a very useful tool in keeping employees up to date with everything happening within an organization.  Furthermore, social interaction breeds creativity and in this day in age creativity is one thing a business can’t have to much of.

Beyond simple search

Employees are allowed to use search functionalities, put at their disposal by systems such as SharePoint, not only for identifying information. For instance, the human resources department needs to identify those employees that have a certain set of skills in order to create better results. The search functions enabled by SharePoint allows for easy identification of the most suitable employees for completing certain tasks.

Faster decision process

It is important to notice that corporate Intranet solutions facilitate the decision making process as well. As the information is exchanged at high speeds, and all the factors involved can reach a common opinion faster, the turnaround times for taking the proper decisions can be greatly reduced.  In short.. time is money and an intranet will save your company time.

SharePoint capabilities for corporations

One of the solutions greatly embraced by companies nowadays is SharePoint. This platform is particularly preferred by corporations because it has extensive search functionalities, social capabilities, great document management tools, workflows, and mobile support, to name just a few.  If you are thinking about creating an intranet check out sharepoint hosting availability and develop a strategy that will propel your business further.