Scheduling Auto Refresh for PowerPivot Workbook

How to Setup A Refresh for your Workbook

  1. On the workbook that you wish to create a refresh schedule for, select the … that appear by the workbook –> Select the … that appears in the menu –> Select Manage PowerPivot Data Refresh
  2. Complete the form that appears below.
  3. Click the Enable Checkbox
  4. Set your desired refresh schedule.
  5. For the Credentials Field, "Connect using the credentials saved in Secure Store Service (SSS) to log on to the data source", enter the ID provided to you exactly as it appears.
  6. image

  7. Under "Data Sources", Select the data sources you wish to refresh.
  8. Select "Also Refresh as soon as possible", this is used to refresh the workbook immediately. Use it to make sure the refresh is working properly.
  9. Click "OK"

Checking on the status of a Refresh

  1. Follow the the step #1 as above. From this screen you can see what refreshes succeeded and what failed.

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  • Pamela Kaiser

    Is there a way to set a default schedule for a library? My users are having to create a schedule for each file they upload.