SharePoint AIIM Survey Infographic March 2015


SharePoint surveys come across periodically and I love them. They are an excellent source into the the technology that can help us make better decisions. This is one of the latest ones that should appeal to executives and stakeholders deciding to develop solutions on SharePoint. I can very well understand those numbers and are not a big shock to me, and it is nice to see now some real numbers put together by a Survey from AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) underwritten by ASG, AvePoint, Colligo, Concept Searching, Collabware, EMC, Gimmal Group, K2 and OpenText that can speak lounder and clearer than my own observations.

Right off the bat, 25% of SharePoint projects seem to stall. To me that’s a sugarcoated way of saying FAILED. 37% didn’t hit the mark in solving the underlying business need.  Those numbers are huge!

My personal two cents on this is that executives or business users sometimes assign and forget. They assign a project and expect it to be delivered without closely monitoring it as it develops, reevaluating it and adjusting its path with patient iterative takes and a lot of passion to get it right.

If you’re considering investing in a SharePoint project ask yourself:

  1. If I am able to build this solution successfully in SharePoint, how much business will this envisioned solution bring to the table. Come up with a number. You’ll be surprised. If the number doesn’t make sense, it’s a bad investment.
  2. Do I have time to work with the development team and business unit on an ongoing basis to direct, correct, and pay attention to details as the project evolves?
  3. Am I hiring the right SharePoint partner that has a keen understanding of, not only SharePoint, but  business’s workflow to help me set expectations, and guide me away from pitfalls?

There are a few other interesting numbers in there around Yammer, SharePoint strategy, etc.. enjoy

You may also get the full report here: