Start Your Small Business On the Right Foot With Intranet Solutions

Should You Use Small Business Intranet Solutions?

Small businesses do not have the same requirements as large corporations. Many Intranet solutions seem to be especially designed to deal with the specific needs of large businesses, but what you may not know is that a small business, like yours, could use the functionalities of an Intranet solution to a high extent. Here are some important factors that will show you why your small business could benefit of an Intranet solution.

Communication is key

How many times have you heard the above statement? Communication is essential for businesses, no matter their size. Small business Intranet solutions are focused on communication as the most important tool you have at your disposal.

Small businesses are no longer just businesses that operate with two partners and three employees. You can now have a virtual company that functions based on outsourcing; you can also have tele-commuters working for you from their remote locations. No matter the situation, an Intranet solution will bring everybody together in the same virtual office, and this is not something to take lightly.

Lack of or improper communication can be quite damaging, even for a small business. Deadlines have to be met, goals must be common, and projects need to ensure financial success. Without communication, projects may become overdue, and companies may encounter financial difficulties due to their inability to pursue their goals properly.

Intranet solutions offer all the employees in an organization the ability to interact through discussion boards, virtual meetings, posts and comments. You will never run out of communication tools when using an Intranet solution for your small business.

Cutting down the costs

Keeping in touch with your employees, easing out the interactions between them, and making sure that everybody is aware of their tasks can be time consuming and not only. Even more, as you may be the only person in charge in your company, you need to be able to multi-task, and keep an eye on everybody in the same time. An Intranet solution for businesses like SharePoint can make your life much easier.

You will be able to implement project management tools that will allow you to overseer and monitor all the activities in your company. You will also be kept well informed of all the modifications and novelties that occur during a certain project. On the other hand, you will also be able to communicate your employees when changes are needed, or when a deadline is approaching.

Avoiding the information overload

When a company operates with just a handful of employees, information overload is a possibility and a reality. Bombarding your employees with emails and messages all the time can create confusion, and in the end, even resentment. Intranet solutions like SharePoint centralize information; it also establishes who are the people in the company that must create and disseminate information.

Keeping things clear brings a lot of benefits for your business. No one will be left out, and all the employees will be informed, in the same time, of the latest modifications, so they know exactly what to do.

Streamlining workflow

Intranet solutions for small business can help you streamline workflow and create workspaces, where your team can gather and find a solution to a certain problem. No matter if you are outsourcing part of your work, or you need to employ telecommuters, they will all feel like part of a single organization, and they will work like a single team.

Intranet solutions can be very beneficial for small businesses and they can ensure your business success. SharePoint is now used by many companies, small, medium and large, because of the many management and communication tools it comes equipped with.