Tips on Creating a SharePoint Workspace

SharePoint workspaces are very useful in synchronizing your content with a SharePoint site. However, that is not their only role. You can customize your SharePoint workspace in order to collaborate with other people when working on the same project. Last, but not least, you can use a SharePoint workspace to grant access to common folders to all the employees in a company, for easy communication. There are several ways in which you can create a SharePoint workspace: from a SharePoint website, from the Launchbar or from the Backstage view.

How to create your SharePoint workspace starting from a website

Usually, people operating in a company prefer to create their workspaces starting from a SharePoint website, because they need to synchronize their content with the said site. The procedure is quite simple. From Site Actions, you need to choose Sync to SharePoint Workspace, then confirm and wait for the download to be processed between the site and your workspace. When the download is finished you can open the workspace, or choose to close it in order to use it later on.

How to create your SharePoint workspace starting from the Launchbar

You only have to choose New and then SharePoint Workspace from the Launchbar. After that, you will be asked for the SharePoint website; if it is not listed, you will have to introduce it manually. In case you want to avoid any errors from happening, you may want to copy the URL address from your browser and paste it in the dialog box.

After that, you will be presented with two options. By clicking OK, you will download all the libraries and the lists from the SharePoint site. While this is recommended, advanced users may need only a part of these libraries and lists. By choosing Configure Settings, you will be allowed to choose the libraries and lists you want, and only after that finish the creation of your SharePoint workspace.

The same procedure can be applied by using the Backstage view.

Creating SharePoint workspaces for sharing content

These workspaces are also called Grooves, and can be created from the Launchbar or the Backstage view. From the New menu, you will need to choose Groove Workspace, and then give it a name. You will be allowed afterwards to choose from a menu of tools that will permit other people to join, provided that they comply with a set of requirements. After clicking Create, the new Groove workspace will be ready to use.

You will appear as the author of the Groove workspace, and you will also be the manager. From this position, you will allow other people to access the workspace and collaborate with you. Also, you will be able to update the list of tools you need during the collaborative process with other members of your organization.

Creating SharePoint shared folders

You can create shared folders, using the SharePoint Launchbar. This procedure is very simple, and the shared folder will allow people in your organization to have easy access to important documents and other items, without having to ask and wait for permission, every single time they need something.

It is also an easy solution for keeping all the employees up to date with the latest additions or modifications to company documents.

Through SharePoint workspaces, you can download all the contents of an existing SharePoint site, kickstart a collaborative process with other people working in the same organization, or create shared folders in order to inform employees on company announcements on a regular basis. As SharePoint excels in document management and collaborative solutions, it is your best choice in increasing collaboration and business productivity in your company.