Understanding Extranets and How They Change Businesses

What Are Extranet Solutions and How Can They Help Your Business?

Extranet solutions are great communication vehicles that you can use to strengthen the relationships you have with your partners and your clients. While communication inside a company is necessary in order to increase participation, engagement, and business productivity, Extranet solutions are more focused on how you manage to develop a network of business relationships outside your company, to and from it. Coming to the needs of business owners, SharePoint has already created a useful add-in called SharePoint Extranet Collaboration Manager that helps you build this type of relationships in order to increase market exposure and stronger business connections.

Create an Extranet With Sharepoint

Your company opens up to the world

A lot of everything we do nowadays happens on the Internet. While you may already be used to keeping in touch with your customers and business partners via e-mail or a website, there is much more you can do. For instance, you can send your clients instant messages when you launch a new product, without having to appeal to boring ads that no one bothers to read. Also, you can inform your business partners of any contract modifications you may want to discuss. Extranet solutions come in handy when you want to receive customer feedback, or when you want to strike a deal with a new business partner.

Creating a collaborative network that goes beyond the virtual boundaries of your business

Your organization may fail to develop, if you keep everything closed inside. Extranets offer businesses the possibility to go beyond their usual boundaries – even virtual – and get in touch with the outside world, where potential partners and clients exist. These collaborative networks allow businesses to run market research strategies, close new deals, and improve their products and services, based on the feedback received.

Speed of communication nurtures productivity

As a business, you need constant feedback from customers and business partners. Through Extranet solution, you do not only cut down time consumption, but you also increase productivity. Having access to business intelligence at the proper time is of the utmost importance and whoever gets the information first has the ability to be the absolute winner.

What SharePoint Extranet Collaboration Manager has in store for users

Extranet solutions are now extensively used by companies. SharePoint Extranet Collaboration Manager is just a natural evolution of a system that is already used by many companies, because of its numerous business tools that promote cooperation and productivity.

  • Less waiting time

This tool allows you to designate extra administrators for your website. These people can handle administration to the SharePoint site, and you will not have to be in charge for every little task that appears. This way, your IT department will not have to be bombarded with requests and other applications related to low level access to the website, as you can easily outsource this task and give it to someone else that does not have to be from inside your company.

  • Automation

You do not even have to hire extra people to handle your site administration from the outside. This SharePoint tool allows you to automate certain actions, such as registering on the site. This type of automated actions can save you a great deal of time and resources.

  • Improved security

The new tool also ensures your Extranet security to a high level. Your administrators can decide who will be allowed access and who not, as well as levels of access. By reducing or even excluding the access of unauthorized people to certain areas of your SharePoint site, your administrators will be in total control of its security.