Whats up with SharePoint List message “The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator”

What you may experience:

You try to view the contents of a SharePoint list and this message appears.

The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator

If you navigate to the list settings page you get:

Solution 1: Changing the limit in Central Administration

Note that if you’re on a shared hosting plan, then this option is not available for you.

  1. Navigate to Central Administration. You can get to it by going to the SharePoint server and searching for "Central Administration" under the start menu.
  2. Go to Application Management > Manage Web Application and click on your web application to select it.
  3. In the Ribbon, click on General Settings drop down and choose "Resource Throttling".
  4. In the "List View Threshold", increase the value by 2 fold and click OK.
  5. Check the list now. Keep increasing the threshold if the error persists.

Solution 2: Add indexes to columns

In your view find out what the view if filtering or sorting on. Lets say it is sorting by category and filtering by status, then both those fields need to be indexed. It’s very easy to add something a column to the index.

  1. Go the list settings
  2. Click on the column "Indexed Columns"
  1. Click on Create a new Index
  2. Under primary column select the column you want.
  3. Click Create
  4. You’re done

Now try going back to your view and check to see if the list loads. If it doesn’t make sure all the needed column are indexed.

What About SharePoint 2016?

There is some really good news on this topic. The issue with the listview threshold of 5000 is something that SharePoint 2016 will resolve on its own. This limit will not be an issue in this version.

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