Who Doesnt Love the Word Free? Check Out How Businesses are Testing Out Sharepoint as A Strategy

Companies that want to try out SharePoint for their corporate needs, as well as small businesses, now have access to free SharePoint site solutions, as they are provided by hosting services (such as us). While we have paid plans as well, we also provide the foundation for building SharePoint sites, totally free of charge, which is very beneficial, especially for small companies that want to test the capabilities of this system first, before deciding to invest more money into it.

What you will get

Along with access to free hardware and software, once you gain access to your free SharePoint site, you will also be able to take advantage of all the great features SharePoint has to offer. You will not be required to pay for a team of developers to maintain the system either, which is a great benefit for small businesses that do not have a lot of money to invest in an Intranet system.

Get Started With Your Free Site
The virtual workspace

The most important thing you will gain access to with your free SharePoint site is a virtual workspace that you can customize as you see fit. For instance, you can establish level permissions for all the documents you upload to the site. You can also use this workspace to run meetings and brainstorming sessions with other members of your organization. SharePoint is a social collaborative tool, among other things, which means that you will be able to keep in touch with all your employees and partners through a fluid, straightforward and easy to use system.

Your home page

A very important part of your free SharePoint site is the home page. You can use this virtual space for publishing announcements, schedule events and offer contact details. Your home page is your main resource hub, from which the rest of the website can be accessed. This can be useful for employees and members of your organization that need directions in order to use the SharePoint site.

Document management

SharePoint is especially used by corporations because of its document management capabilities. This means that you can create your own document library where you can upload all the documents you want to be accessed by your employees, and update them whenever the needs arises. SharePoint is very useful and efficient in disseminating information throughout the organization in a timely manner.

Picture library

Another area of your free SharePoint site can be used as a picture library. Besides written documents, companies often have to operate with graphics, as well. Setting up a picture library, from which all the important data can be accessed within a reasonable time frame is very important, in order to streamline the workflow within your organization.

Creating tasks

You will also be able to create task lists for your employees. Without the need to create papers for each task and have them transmitted to the ones involved, you can cut both on resource costs, as well as time costs. For employees, it will be easy to consult the task lists and see what is expected of them. Also, your free SharePoint site can be used as a collaborative network, as employees will be allowed to volunteer on projects they consider capable of contributing to.

Creating discussion boards

SharePoint sites are ideal for promoting interactions between the members in an organization. You will be allowed to create discussion boards, where all the members in your company will be able to extract information from and also to contribute with their own knowledge, expertise and sets of skills.

Free SharePoint sites are available for small companies and others that want to try out the system. This way, you can easily discover whether SharePoint is a good choice for you or not.