Online Workspace



SharePoint For Me can offer the perfect solution for your online workspace needs. With SharePoint, you can collaborate with teams, clients, and partners via the web. The SharePoint workspace allows you to work on projects, documents, lists and other information that is important for your organization.

The online workspace has numerous advantages and is becoming increasingly popular for small and mid sized businesses. Some of those benefits are:

  1. Centralized Information. Your company now has a central place to store information such as documents, calendars and contacts. This information is no longer dispersed on users’ computers, emails and file shares, it is now centralized for easy access by anybody. We like to call this “the Centralized Truth.

  2. Geographically Agnostic. Because the information is centralized and is available on online, workers can access and contribute information to your workspace from any time zone. This facilitates cross-geography collaboration.

  3. Information Organization. Your company works with a lot of information, and it is difficult to keep everything organized. With this online workspace, your organization can file information, create process around the information, search the information, tag the information, set alerts on changing content and integrate with other content systems. This effectively improves the productivity of your users as it takes less time to find information.

  4. Low cost. Your business is looking for the best return on investment and is working on a budget so cost is important. Maintaining your own infrastructure and servers has proven to be heavy on the pockets, so going with a ready to use hosted online workspace is provides you with the technology and the service at a very affordable price.

  5. Non-Technical. You’re here to run a business and not concern yourself with technical issues. The hosted SharePoint workspace is designed for business users, so you don’t need a web master to update content. Documents can be uploaded with a few click of the button and information can be added and deleted easily, where any business user can manage working with it.

SharePoint’s online workspace can be used for a wide variety of functions including everything from online project management to web based collaboration. This workspace can be tremendously beneficial for people at your company to communicate with one another.

Document Management

SharePoint users quickly find that they can use documents in a more effective manner. For example, the interactivity between users working on the same document becomes more structured through SharePoint’s document libraries.

Let’s say you have a specific project you are working on. SharePoint allows you to create a whole library of documents for that particular project. Once these libraries are created, users can share them with coworkers and use them to store documents. These document libraries are compatible with any type of file.

SharePoint’s document management offers other advantages as well, such as version control. This feature allows users to automatically store versions for the document at hand. It is also possible to roll back to old versions of the document.

SharePoint users also have the ability to tag documents based on properties. For example, a document can be assigned to a particular person or a document can be tagged to belong to a certain department at the company.

Yet another document management feature that SharePoint offers is the ability to set up alerts. Users can set up the online workspace so that they are alerted when specific documents change.

Working with Different Users

In order to create the most streamlined user experience and boost workflow, SharePoint also offers an array of functionality for users who are geographically dispersed. The communication between team members improves, and workflow becomes far more efficient.

As we previously discussed, users can easily share documents through the libraries in SharePoint’s online workspace. Also many users find that SharePoint’s check-in and check-out feature becomes quite essential to operations. Keep in mind that when working with different people in SharePoint, users should always keep others abreast of what they are doing. Otherwise, it is easy for people to accidentally duplicate each other’s work.

One of the highlights of what SharePoint offers companies is a whole new level of collaboration between users. Each person can create his or her own online workspace that can then be customized to share information. Users can interact with one another through a wide variety of functionality including discussions, calendars, and task lists.

It is even very easy to share announcements in the online workspace. SharePoint users can simply add short bits of information along with effective expiration dates. This feature can be very helpful in keeping users informed of meetings as well as SharePoint updates.

If a user has a document that he or she wishes to share with others, this user can simply save the document to the shared online workspace. Once the document is saved, coworkers can be added and relevant tasks can be added as well.

SharePoint also offers a meeting workspace site. This particular online workspace allows users to track meeting notes, documents and tasks identified during a particular meeting.

Workspace Permissions

In order to protect privacy and restrict access when necessary, SharePoint is grouped into areas, which can be presented like a table of contents. Each section contains SharePoint services sites as well as documents and can be viewed within the sites directory. The SharePoint administrator can change these areas as necessary and grant users permissions to the different sites. As a result, each user’s SharePoint system will be permission sensitive.

Permissions can be granted at the document level, the workspace level or even the whole portal. This process gives granular control over permissions. As a result, your business will receive great flexibility as far as hiding and/or displaying sensitive information to the appropriate people.


SharePoint also enables users to post information about work related events and important dates and company deadlines. This interactivity will allow coworkers, even those in different locations, to work effectively as a team. Even though it is an online workspace, a SharePoint calendar can be updated just like an Outlook calendar. Once your SharePoint calendar is connected with your regular Outlook calendar, it will appear in your folder listed under “Other Calendars.”

When a user updates a SharePoint calendar in the online workspace, others can simultaneously view this Outlook calendar and check for potential scheduling conflicts. Users have tremendous flexibility with scheduling, as they can even link events from Outlook and copy items back and forth within the program.

Contact Lists

For added flexibility and ease of use, SharePoint users can set up contact lists in the online workspace. This list allows users to enter contact information that everyone on the team can access including phone numbers, emails and addresses. Users will find that it is easy to switch this contact data back and forth from regular computer applications like Outlook or Microsoft address book.

Integration with Microsoft Office Applications

When running your business, you need your workspace to be as seamlessly integrated with the productivity tools that your workers use, such as Microsoft Office applications. In doing so, the interaction between the users and the online workspace becomes effortless. Additionally, through this means, users don’t have to log into the online workspace every time they complete work related tasks.

It is simple to integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Word applications like Outlook, Word and Excel.  For example, users can define cells on Excel to use as a list on their site. SharePoint can take the data from a spreadsheet and display it in a list format so that others can filter through this data in the online workspace.

Users can save documents to SharePoint libraries from Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio and Word. In other words, it is not necessary to save them to the desktop and then upload them to SharePoint in two separate steps. The smooth integration between Microsoft applications and SharePoint is just another way this system improves workflow and speeds up productivity for companies.

Other Workspace Features

In summary, if you are looking to boost your company’s productivity and improve workflow, SharePoint offers an array of functionality to help you meet and surpass your goals.  If you are planning to start using SharePoint services for your business, it is important to stress to your employees how valuable it can be for improving a wide variety of important day-to-day tasks.  Simply stated, SharePoint revolutionizes the online workspace.