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What is PowerPivot?

PowerPivot is a free Microsoft Excel add-on that installs on your machine that transforms Excel into a Powerful Data Processing engine enabling you to gather and report on massive amounts od data very easily and at lightning speed.

Business Scenarios

Let's say you're a product manager for a retail store who is in charge of managing millions od products or analyzing tens of millions of sales to identify which products to keep and which to weed out. You have a massive database of database of support tickets, and you're tasked with distributing reports to management on a weekly basis.

PowerPivot was designed specifically to solve key business questions such as those examples.

PowerPivot vs No PowerPivot

Numerous challenges come to mind when in creating. analyzing and distributing those reports

  1. Easier to create reports

    Most reports require some technical savviness to create as you'd be using tools such as SQL Reporting Services or Crystal Reports, and most likely require knowledge of some query language.

    Well, the good news is that those are all challenges of the past, because with PowerPivot you can now easily create dynamic reports right from the familiar Excel interface using its tools - you don't need to be a developer.

  2. Easier to consolidate data

    Collecting the data needed by the report can be daunting task as the data could be spread between different databases, such as Microsoft SQL, Access and Excel. Consolidating this data could be very time consuming each time you want to create a report.

    You can easily connect to your data sources across the enterprise, thereby constantly retrieving the latest data directly from the source.

  3. Easier to work with massive data.

    Let us say you're able to consolidate all this data, how will you be able to report on tens of millions of data items? In fact Excel itself only allows you to handle about a million rows only. What reporting tool can truly handle that?

    PowerPivot will allow your reports to Handle virtually infinite number records at lightning speed.

  4. Easier to share reports

    How do you share this report among your peers effortlessly without emailing the huge reports every time there is an update and requiring them to download Excel and PowerPivot.

    PowerPivot allows you to Distribute precompiled and dynamic reports via the web to all your peers simply by sending a link.

How does PowerPivot do its magic?

OK this may all sound promising.. But how does PowerPivot do this?

When you install PowerPivot for Excel, PowerPivot becomes your data warehouse, housing all the data you need for your reports right into the Excel file itself. PowerPivot is configured through a wizard to import all this data from just about any data source such as SAP, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Access or any data source. Once your data is imported to PowerPivot, using familiar tools such Pivot Table tools in Excel, you are able to create reports on this data using native Excel tools such as pivot charts and pivot tables. Using slicers and filtering tools, you are able to generate very robust graphical reports that are dynamic, interactive and impressively fast.

This superior speed is possible because all your PowerPivot data is loaded into you computers memory, making handling the data drastically faster than any hard drive. Once your report is created, you can publish this report to a SharePoint instance online that supports PowerPivot, thereby allowing you to syndicate the interactive report to any authorized user without the need for Excel.

A game changer

With PowerPivot, reporting really has never been easier.

Now you see how the power behind PowerPivot can be a true game changer in creating and consuming reports, marking a profound leap forward in the world of business intelligence.