Retail (Contoso)


If you ever needed an analysis that helps you track where your business is having the most profitable scenario, in terms of revenue, then this is the report that you need to see. If you are searching for an interactive approach to get an insight by either using filters, search box, slicers or just by clicking on top of a map or an image then you NEED to check out these reports.

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Revenue by Channel


Excel comes preloaded with stunning looking charts that wow the eye. The chart here simply shows revenue by channel. The Stores seem to be doing the best here. Drill downs are also available when you right click on the bar.

Top-Bottom Stores

Thanks to PowerPivot, we are able to create reports in a matter of minutes… not hours, days or weeks… we are talking about meaningful reports to the business that can answer questions. Columns here are sortable and filterable.


Rev Over Analysis

Pivot tables are one of the best tools when creating reports. When combined with things such as conditional formatting and powerful formulas (written in DAX), they create powerful drill down reports.

Revenue Analysis

Reading a report should be fun and Power View brings the fun part to the table. Using maps, interactive and having a drill-down integration in a matrix are a powerful combination to analyst your data. (Tip: Try clicking on slicer in the pie chart.)


Quarter Analysis

What is the category that it is selling the most? What channel is generating the most sales? And how much does it represents? What brands are selling the most? And in a time fragment, what’s the trend of our sales quarter by quarter? This reports provides those answers. Take a look at it and play with it!

Answering those questions for your business can help you steer it in the right direction.