Why Host with
PortalFront SharePoint


We will not speak of how SharePoint can benefit your business. Here we want to focus on how our service offering SharePoint For Me is one of a kind.


Business Benefits

Cut Cost

Let's say that we built this whole business around cutting cost and saving you money. How? Simple, by being efficient and avoiding pitfalls. We are a team of experienced business people, hosting experts, architects and developers. We know that SharePoint can be draining in time and money, so we wanted to make it easy on you whether you are a small business or an enterprise to have a one stop for all your SharePoint needs.


Your workers' productivity in SharePoint will improve when you host with us. That's because you free your technical resources from administering SharePoint by leaving that work on us.

We can improve your productivity by also devising the right solution for you up front. A solution that is well planned can save you significant time and money.

Lower Risk

We all like surprises -- OK not the bad ones. The best way to minimize bad surprises is to rely on sound, expert advise. We have seen what SharePoint excels at and where it struggles -- and our expertise can take your solution a long way -- hopefully with an impressive surprise of smoothness.

Jump Start

Rolling out SharePoint can take a long time, in planning and executing. We can jump start you in a fraction of that time. In fact if you're looking for an out of the box solution, you can have it ready in 5 minutes.

If you're looking for a custom solution, then our team has the comfort and length of experience to be able to develop and roll out solutions on a timely manner -- without bad surprises.

Hosting Benefits


The uptime of your servers is important to the continuity of your business. We guarantee an up time of 99.99%. Any down time, will be scheduled and communicated to you.


We understand you're running a business with important confidential information. You are entrusting us with your data and we will do everything we can to keep it safe and secure. Your sites have Secure Socket Layer option (SSL). This means your website address will include a https. This means that your data is encrypted on every request.

We have state of the art cisco firewall facility that protects our servers intruders.

Your passwords are encrypted on our system. In fact not even our staff has access to your passwords.

Click here for more information on data center security

Data Protection (Backup)

Your data is constantly backed up. Once backed up, it is stored off site in case of a disaster. We want to make sure your data is recoverable at all times.

Solution Benefits

Solution Design Advise

SharePoint is a versatile platform that can solve various business problems. We love helping our clients in making the right decisions about architecture, topology, development decisions and story telling your solution -- because a good design can save you significant time and money.

Solution Development

We also do the work! If you have a solution in mind that you want developed we can engage with you to build it. This could be anything from site configurations, custom development, workflow automation, or integration.

Intranet Solutions

We've built and architected many intranet solutions and we can definitely help you.

Extranet Solutions

Extranets and partners sites are common SharePoint uses. How do you create and manage the user accounts and secure your content? We've done it all.

CMS Solutions

We can help you make your web site based on SharePoint.

Project Management

We've built project management solutions. Every project can be a site and the information from every project can roll-up in to a dashboard view.

Multi Language Sites

SharePoint could be configured for any language and any time zone.

Support Benefits

In-Site Support

SharePoint resources are difficult to come by and are expensive. When we provide with a solution, we want to make sure you are supported even within your portal. What if you want somebody to turn on versions on documents or create a workflow or customize the properties on documents? We can help you with that.


Because breath SharePoint day and night, we like to think that we are experts and our expertise can definitely save you time and money because we have seen what works and what doesn't.


Our staff is available 24/7/365. This means that at any time in the day, we can support you. We know that you could be in a different time zone or working late night. So we make ourselves available.


SharePoint users can adopt SharePoint much easier if provided with training. That's why we provide you with very well studied videos of everyday tasks that end users go through, such as saving documents, explanation of document versions, etc. All videos are addressed to a non-technical end user.


We want to offer you a smooth experience and that means, we have to be prompt in our responses to you. We handle all emergencies in urgency.



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